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Cover Art by Joachim Luetke

Cover Art by Joachim Luetke


Black Static, September/October 2018

Reprint: The Dark #44, January 2019

Three artists live together during an uneasy winter as one becomes convinced a fourth lives among them.

“[A] deliciously disturbing slice of horror, twisting reality in small but strikingly effective ways…creating the kind of nightmare that feels like everyday reality until it clearly is something else” --Maria Haskins

Story art by Gabriella Eriksson

Story art by Gabriella Eriksson


Salt lines

Strange Horizons, May 2018

A man is followed home by a specter from the stories of his childhood.

"[A] beautifully written story full of longing"--A.C. Wise, Apex Magazine

"[A]n intimate tale of loneliness and pain, a piece that blends a deep emotional realism with the fantastic." --Vanessa Fogg

Cover art by Luke Spooner

Cover art by Luke Spooner

hidden in skin 

Gamut, September 2017

A young drag queen's attempted robbery has devastating consequences. 

"Muneshwar's horror-tale is a brilliant, dark, gut- and heart-wrenching story of transformation and ambition" --Maria Haskins

Cover art by Tomislav Tikulin

Cover art by Tomislav Tikulin

Skins smooth as plantain, hearts soft as mango

The Dark, August 2017

Selection: Year’s Best Weird Fiction, vol. 5, ed. Michael Kelly and Robert Shearman

Selection: Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror 2018, ed. Paula Guran

In 1950's Guyana, a boy with a beast in his stomach struggles to find his place in an increasingly fractured city.  

" [R]ich with sensory descriptions....It’s a story that pulls the reader in, and allows them to feel the world fully, including the darkness under the skin." --A.C. Wise, Apex Magazine

"[N]icely written with outstanding description...and characterization." --Paula Guran, Locus Magazine


Ravana's children

PodCastle, May 2017

A spurned god visits two children, one in 1970's Guyana and the other in Queens at the turn of the millenium. 

Cover art by Tracy Durnell

Cover art by Tracy Durnell

the falling game

Liminal Stories, May 2017

A connection develops between an alien and a missionary from irreconcilably different cultures. 

Cover art by Galen Dara

Cover art by Galen Dara


An Alphabet of Embers, ed. Rose Lemberg

Spanish-Language Translation: Cuentos para Algernon, “Telomerasa”

An elderly couple copes with loss: as one fights cancer, the other loses their language.

"A moving story of what we say when we have no words" --Karen Burnham, Strange Horizons

Cover art by Julie Dillon

Cover art by Julie Dillon


Clarkesworld, May 2015

An A.I.'s encounter with a dying creature sets the machine on an unexpected course.

"[The story's] lingering images...are powerful and well done" --Charles Payseur