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2018: Retrospective and Awards Eligibility

2018 was a turbulent, transitional year for me. I completed my MFA, said goodbye to the wonderful people at NCSU, and moved back to Boston. I was fortunate to take a teaching position in an excellent program at Brandeis University starting in the fall semester. All of these changes cut into my writing schedule a bit, but I was still very fortunate to have two new stories published in 2018—both in markets I’d never sold to before:

Salt Lines in Strange Horizons {2,200 words}

Ravi does not believe that the jumbie is a jumbie at all, at first, because it doesn’t look the way he imagined it would when he was a child and his mother sat at the edge of his bed and explained why they left a line of salt outside his bedroom door. Then, he thought a jumbie would look hunched and desiccated, like the twisted body of a man blackened by fire, something living that should be dead.

In “Salt Lines,” Ravi is followed home by a jumbie—a specter from the stories of his childhood in Guyana. This one is about the ways in which we are distanced from our culture and our home, and about how we cope with that distance. “Salt Lines” has appeared on recommended reading lists from A.C. Wise, John Wiswell, and Charles Payseur.

Impostor/Impostor in Black Static {5,000 words, all of which are kindly reprinted in The Dark}

Movement. Footfalls.

Édgar pries himself awake, jolts upright in bed. It is still night and the room is veiled and hushed with shadow. Lyle is there, chest rising and falling, asleep. For a long moment Édgar sits perfectly still, willing his heart to slow, listening. There’s a light on somewhere in the house; he sees it dimly beneath the closed door.

Then, a noise—the pinging of glass touching glass.

“Impostor/Impostor” is a horror story about creativity. It was the result of several winter nights spent re-visiting E.T.A. Hoffmann’s short fiction and playing with queer camp in my own work. You can find kind reviews of it over at Tangent Online and on Maria Haskins’ blog.

I’m excited for 2019. There are a number of novels and short stories coming out that I’m dying to read, and I have a few projects of my own that I can’t wait to start. So here’s to a year of new fiction and new adventures!

Ian Muneshwar